This page is to show the difference in hubs and what do and don't fit certain hubs.  

HUB 343-4009  Four bolt and washer attachment to hub.  



These type of hubs do not work with the Tire Saver product.  As you can see the spacing is to far apart.  

                                                                                                                                                TS50                     TS100

Currently the shorter 8 and 5/8 are in limited supply.  Please contact Denis at to see if any are in stock.  Only in orange and black when in stock.


Pictures with Hubs that DO work with TIRE SAVERS:

This Tire Saver was adapted by removing one of the bolt attachments. 


Due to different hubs and accessories, please look at these photos or send us a message if you are concerned about if they will fit your trailer hub.





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